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Graphite RJ45 1M

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Graphite RJ45 1M

Graphite RJ45 1M

Cable RJ45 Ethernet Cat 6

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Cable RJ45 Ethernet Cat 6

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8/8 RJ45 gold plated shielded connectors

Stranded 24AWG 99.999% OFC copper conductors and gold plated 8/8 RJ45 jack plugs to maintain low insertion loss figures throughout the life of the cable by minimising signal reflections and keeping contact resistances low

CAT 6 specification

100Ω characteristic impedance

High bandwidth

Most ordinary patch cables are constructed to the Cat5e standard and are only specified for data rates up to 100MHz. The QED Performance Ethernet cable is an over-specified CAT6 patch cable capable of data rates up to 250MHz - which gives it plenty of headroom when used in an HD Audio streamer application.

Suitable for 10GBase-T


up to 24bit/192kHz

Asymmetric twist rates for reduced cross-talk

A polyethylene former is used to physically separate each twisted pair into its own compartment within the cable keeping the geometry extremely uniform. This further contributes to the elimination of cross-talk within the cable and maintains the tight 100 ohm characteristic impedance demanded by the Cat6 standard.

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